December 20, 2013


Tony BennettChristel House Academy, which was as the center of a grade changing scandal received a grade of F for 2013. The school’s grade dropped from an A.


It was revealed through a public documents request, and reported by the AP earlier this year, that Christel House Academy benefited from a grade change made by former Superintendent Tony Bennett and his staff.  The school had initially received a grade of C. However, Bennett directed his staff to change the school’s letter grade to an A. Furthering the controversy was the fact that the school’s operator is a prominent Republican donor who had made significant contributions to Bennett’s campaign.


In light of the grade changing scandal, Tony Bennett later resigned as Florida’s Commissioner of Education.


Bennett continues to face an ethics complaint filed by the Indiana Inspector General for his alleged use of state resources to conduct his campaign for Superintendent of Public Instruction. A hearing is set for January 9.