David Hanna Golden Touch Award


The purpose of the David Hanna Golden Touch Award is to recognize outstanding contributions of retired members of ISTA-Retired who have demonstrated continued leadership in the Association and in the community. Winners will receive a crystal star award.


The recipient will have taken action to promote ISTA-Retired and shown continued leadership in the Association through ISTA-Retired as well as involvement in the Association at the local, state, or national level. Recipients should be involved in volunteer work in ISTA, the field of education, and in their communities. Recipients should participate in political action supporting the benefits for retired people in the education family and show on-going efforts for the advancement of public education.

Nominations for this award can be made by any member, chapter, local, or district council of ISTA. Nominations for the award may be submitted on an official nomination form which may be duplicated. Nominations must be accompanied by appropriately ordered and labeled supportive materials such as flyers, promotion materials, newsletters, news clippings, pictures, tapes, letters of reference, etc.

Selection of Recipient
The ISTA president shall appoint any five members of ISTA-Retired to serve on a selection committee on an annual basis.


Nomination Procedure
Please complete electronic official nomination form and mail supporting documents. All supporting materials such as flyers, promotional materials, newsletters, news clippings, photos, CDs, letters of reference, etc. must be received by the deadline.

Deadline for submission shall be postmarked or hand-delivered by March 1 each year.


Contacts: Craig Blume cblume@ista-in.org
Becky Koerner  bkoerner@ista-in.org


Official Nomination Form