Enhancing Team Communication

Enhancing Team Communication

In your school, your community and your Association, you are part of a team. Important to the success of every team is good communication. The ultimate goal of the team is to increase the likelihood of success and provide a healthy work environment, whether for your students, your community or your Association. Here are some elements to help insure clear channels of communication:

  • The attitudes and feelings of all the team players need to be known, respected and understood. Deal openly with attitudes and feelings about roles and duties by discussing them with coworkers.
  • An understanding of the similarities and differences of team members must be recognized and understood. There may be different points of view about strategies, different values, different cultural and religious heritages, different levels of education and experience and other factors that can affect the working relationship.
  • Seek to develop and share a common vocabulary.
  • Be willing to ask for clarification or assistance if you don’t understand the assignment you have been given.
  • Share your special interests, talents and training with others.
  • Actively work to create a climate of cooperation, trust, respect and loyalty by meeting regularly to discuss procedures and techniques that will establish and maintain open channels of communication.

Practicing these suggestions will improve your teamwork and help you succeed, individually, and as a group.

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