Extracurricular Assignment Duties

School Corporation's Right to Appoint Teachers to Extracurricular Positions


There are no Indiana decisions regarding this issue -- other states have overwhelmingly held that a school corporation can appoint teachers to extracurricular positions without the teacher's consent. However, such appointments must be reasonable.


Most courts have held that:

  • The extra assignment must be reasonable
  • It must not rquire excessive hours beyond the normal teaching position.
  • It must have some relation to the teachers' interests, abilities and certification.
  • It must be made with a purpose beneficial to students.
  • It must not be discriminatory, and
  • it must be professional in nature.

Realistically, the term "extracurricular" activity is a misnomer -- it's not an "extra" in the life of a student, nor has it traditionally been considered an "extra" for teachers. Such activities are an essential part of a child's overall educadtion. Learning and self-realization cannot take place in a vacuum. Rather they foster an atmosphere of social interaction and healthy development.


The touchstone for the exercise of such power is reasonableness -- assignments must be non-discriminatory, related to a teachers' interests and expertise and not require excessive hours. They need not, however, be compensated.


Although school boards have had the power to assign teachers to the supervision of extracurricular activities without compensation beyond the yearly contract schedule, this is not to say that teachers may not negotiate the subject of extracurricular assignments and compensation in the collective bargaining contract. The  best way to address this issue is through bargaining and discussion.


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