Horace Mann Hoosier Educator of the Year Award

The purpose of the ISTA/Horace Mann Hoosier Educator of the Year Award, an award jointly sponsored by the Indiana State Teachers Association and Horace Mann, is to recognize, reward and promote excellence in teaching and advocacy for the education profession.


The recipient shall be a member of ISTA. Each applicant will submit a data information sheet, the nomination essay explaining how he/she fulfills and exemplifies the criteria of teaching excellence, advocacy for the profession, community engagement, and leadership in professional development, and three letters of endorsement for the candidate.

The nomination must be made by an ISTA member and cannot be more than three pages. It should explain why the candidate should be considered for this award based on the cited qualifications.

Selection of Recipient
A work group of the Professional Practices and Standards Committee will recommend a recipient.

The President of the ISTA and a representative of Horace Mann will present the ISTA/Hoosier Educator of the Year plaque and monetary award at the ISTA Representative Assembly. The winner's name will be submitted into consideration for the NEA Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence.

The complete application packet must be received by March 1 each year.

Contacts: Mark Shoup mshoup@ista-in.org
Kathleen Berry kberry@ista-in.org


Hoosier Educator of the Year Form