JD Miller Young Activist Award


This award is to recognize, reward and promote Association activism of members within their first five years as education employees.


Jeffrey ‘JD’ Miller was a past state student president of ISEA who demonstrated tremendous promise as an association advocate and leader in his chosen profession of teaching. JD passed away before he ever fully realized his dream of teaching, but all who knew him were inspired to take action for the cause of public education.


The ISTA Executive Committee shall annually recommend the recipient to the ISTA Board of Directors:  

  • Nominations may be self-declared or submitted by another active ISTA member and must include the endorsement of at least one additional active member.  
  • Nomination applications must detail the nominee’s activism in relationship to the ISTA Strategic Goals.  

The award winner will be recognized at the ISTA Summer Conference.


Nominations due on March 1.


Sherri Purdue, spurdue@ista-in.org


Nomination Form 
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