MAC Minutes 3-16-13

Minority Affairs Committee Minutes

March 16, 2013


I.  Call to order


      Hilda Kendrick, MAC Chairperson, called to order the regular meeting of the Minority Affairs Committee at 10:05 a.m. on Saturday, March 16, 2013 at the ISTA Metro Office.  We started the meeting with a silent prayer to pray for our students and everything happening in our communities, state, and nation.


II.   Candidates for ISTA President and Vice-President


       Kathy Parks addressed the group about her experiences and desires for the association as a candidate for President.

       Keith Gambill spoke as the Vice-President candidate regarding his experiences and goals for the association.



III.   Approval of Consent Agenda Items


        The September 22, 2012 meeting minutes and the approval of Agenda with flexibility were approved as consent agenda items.


IV.  Committee Chair Report


     Hilda Kendrick, Chairperson, discussed Collective Bargaining Conference.  She distributed good information about evaluations.  She informed members she sent an e-mail regarding information to apply to participate in the Indiana Core Assessments for educator licensure. She encouraged members to get involved with the testing process for future teachers.


V.  Roll Call

     The following members were present:


     Judith Abram-Odigboh IL

     Tiffany Belcher     1K

     Hollye Blossom     IB

     Allean Butts           2I

     Ginger Calhoun     1F

     Carol Carter           3B

     Lou Davis               2J

     Beverly Faulkens   Retired ISTA

     Jennifer Gant         2A

     Hilda Kendrick,     Chairperson, 3G

     Henry Lewis          2G                                                                                                  

     Cheryl Lone                  3F

     Tequia McCullough-Barrett     3J

     Katherine Ostrozovich  1A   

     Jessica Ramirez             IE

     Charan Richards            ID                                                                         

     Mark Shoup, ISTA Staff



VI.  Committee Charges


     The Minority Affairs Committee Charges for 2012-2013 are:


  1. Develop and implement a year-long communication plan for reporting to District Councils issues pertinent to the committee.
  2. Develop content for the MAC newsletter, Full Circle.
  3. Examine and promote issues of concern particular to minority educators.
  4. Examine strategies to increase minority participation in the ISTA and NEA  Representative Assemblies.
  5. Encourage minorities to attend conferences, serve on committees and run for positions at the local, state, and national levels.
  6. Select recipients, according to established guidelines for the Louis B. Russell,Jr. and the Damon P. Moore Scholarships.  Provide a rationale for the selection of the award winners to the Association President.
  7. Select recipients for the Outstanding Minority Educator award.  Recommend Award  recipient(s) to the ISTA Board of Directors.  Present the Minority Educator Award at the ISTA Leadership Academy or ISTA RA.  Provide a rationale for the selection of the award winners to the Association President.
  8. Select Recipient for the Phillip Carey Award for Human Relations. Provide a rationale for the selection of the award winner to the Association President.
  9. Review the minority guarantees provided in ISTA and NEA documents, including NEA Bylaw 3-1g.
  10. Review the Minority Involvement Plan.  Make recommendations for changes. Submit the plan to the ISTA Board of Directors.
  11. Recommend future changes to these charges to the Association President.

     In addition to the above charges it is the responsibility of the committee chairperson to:

                -Monitor committee expenses in regard to the 2012-2013 ISTA Budget.

                -Provide a written update of committee action for the Representative Assembly

          Reports book.  The report is due April 1, 2013.

                -Provide a final report on committee charges to the Association President by

          July 1, 2013.  Include in the report recommendations for changes in Association

          policy or committee charges.   


VI.  Reconnections


       Committee members reconnected by introducing themselves and explaining any job changes. Charan Richards announced she is a new grandmother. Jenn Gant announced she will soon be a new mother next school year.


VII. ISTA Board of Directors Liaison Report

     Carolyn Yates, ISTA Board of Directors Liaison, could not attend the MAC meeting due to the fact she was at the ISTA Board Meeting.  Carolyn Yates recently retired.


VIII.  ISTA Retired Report

    Beverly Faulkens reported the Retired Members went lobbying every Tuesday in February.  They are writing letters and emails to legislators.  They are sponsoring workshops for active members who are considering retiring.  They are sending six members to a retired conference in Orlando.  The retired members are busy raising money for IPace and Fund for Children.  Elections for ISTA Retired officers will end on Monday, March 18th.  Members applying for Retired MAC Representative are Beverly Faulkens and Edmonia Pringle.


IX.  ISEA Report


    Brandon Curry, ISEA MAC Representative, was out of town due to Spring Break.


X. Legislative Report/ISTA MAC Consultant Report


      Mark Shoup, ISTA Staff, provided legislative information.  He encouraged members to send postcards to legislators.   He encouraged members to search now for ISTA’s new member-only mobile app for their smart  device (iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and Windows).  Visit the Apple app store, Google Play, Blackberry App World or Windows Store and look for “ISTA mobile.” Mark will send a legislative report to members.  He encouraged members to view the ISTA website, Keep the promise  He encouraged members to keep aware of retirement issues.


XI.  Full Circle Update


      Send any articles for the Full Circle to Mark.



      ISTA RA will be held on Saturday, April 27th.  Members are encouraged to attend.


XIII.  Summer Presidents Academy


     The Summer Presidents Academy will be held on June 13th and 14th. Kathy Parks stated it will be held at Wyndham.  The president, co-president or vice-president or any other leader may attend.  Two leaders’ expenses will be paid from each local.


XIV.  2013 NEA RA Report


      The NEA RA will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on July 1-6, 2013.  Cheryl Lone discussed regarding the fact cluster delegates receive less money than the state delegates.  Ginger Calhoun explained it was to send more members to the NEA RA than just state delegates; so members were encouraged to ask local and district councils to help fund their expenses.  The local and district council should inform new representatives about expenses and activities at NEA RA to be better prepared for expenses and experiences.  NEA-RA pre-conference on Women and Minority Concerns was discussed.  Members were encouraged to attend.


Lunch was held at 12:15.  Subcommittee Work Sessions were held during lunch. 


XV.   Committee Reports 


      1.   Awards - Members:  Friday Night:  Allean Butts & Ginger Calhoun;  Saturday:  Allean Butts, Ginger Calhoun, Lou Davis TeQuia McCullough-Barrett, and Charan Richards.

           Chairperson Ginger Calhoun reported those members who attended on Friday evening informed the members on Saturday regarding the report.  Ginger stated several applications didn’t follow guidelines.  Applications need statement.  Parent must be an ISTA member.  Student must graduate from an Indiana High School.  Essay must be typed-double spaced.  Ginger stated the 6 p.m. start time prevented some members of the committee from attending.


     2.  Communications – Members:  Chairperson Kate Ostrozovich, Henry Lewis, Cheryl Lone, Hollye Blossom, Beverly Faulkens,  and Carol Carter,

          Chairperson Kate Ostrozovich stated there will be tips for first time NEA RA delegates; list of MAC delegates; options for getting additional funding for cluster or small group.  The following members will provide information for Full Circle:  Henry Lewis will provide Meet your MAC member.  Cheryl Lone will provide information on what makes a member a minority.  Beverly Faulkens will provide information for ISTA-Retired Members.  Brandon Curry will be contacted to encourage his ISEA students to become involved with MAC.  Carol Carter will get the list of districts with no minority representatives.  She will provide information on how to get involved in MAC even if discouraged by locals. Kate Ostrozovich will provide information on bullying and voter rights issues.  She may provide some information on vouchers and charter schools.


    3.  Monitoring Operations/Strategic Planning -  Jenn Gant, Jessica Ramirez, Tiffany Belcher, Judi Abram-Odigboh

            Chairperson Jenn Gant stated the committee reviewed the MAC charges 5, 9, and 10.  We mainly communicate by e-mail communications.  Some minorities do not attend local or district meetings due to the fact there are no designated minority members in the district; too busy to attend meetings; and do not respond to invitations to attend. The committee wants to encourage MAC members to become more active and advise members how to be more active.  The Minority Action Plan will be reviewed by subcommittee members and any recommendations will be sent to Hilda Kendrick.


    Allean Butts talked to the members about Callie Marksbury’ qualifications for running regarding handouts Callie had provided for Vice President of ISTA.


    Hilda Kendrick talked to the members about Teresa Meredith qualifications for the office of President of ISTA regarding handouts Teresa had provided for MAC members.

    Teresa Meredith and Callie Marksbury were at the ISTA Board Meeting and could not attend the MAC meeting.


     Hilda Kendrick thanked the Minority Affairs Members for attending the meeting; their devotion to students; and the time they spend working on minority issues.  She encouraged members to attend the ISTA RA and NEA RA.


XXIII.   Adjournment


        The meeting was adjourned by Lou Davis, Hollye Blossom seconded the motion  The motion was approved.


        The meeting was adjourned by Hilda Kendrick, Chairperson, at 1:35 p.m.


        The next meeting will be held on Saturday, September 21, 2013 at the Sheridan Keystone at the Crossing.  Please go to the ISTA website for information about meetings.


        Minutes respectfully submitted by:  Jenn Gant and Hilda Kendrick