MAC Minutes 3-15-14

Minority Affairs Committee Minutes

March 15, 2014

ISTA Metro Office, Indianapolis



I.  Call to order


      Hilda Kendrick, MAC Chairperson, called to order the regular meeting of the Minority Affairs Committee at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, March 15, 2014 at the Indianapolis ISTA Metro Office. John O’Neil, Government Relations Staff Member, discussed the legislative session. He discussed ISTA will support the highest standards we can provide for our students.  He stated Indiana will adopt own standards with a combination of Indiana and Common Core Standards.  The standards will be adopted in April.  The Social Studies Standards were adopted.   He discussed REPA 3.  Dr. Glenda Ritz and the State Board of Education members discussed items in an agenda that lasted nine hours.  Dr. Ritz and the board members are concerned about adjunct permits. The adjunct permits allow a candidate to be able to teach if the candidate passes a content exam, but does not require a degree in education.  The candidate must have a 3.0 GPA.  Discussions on REPA 3 will continue in April.  House Bill 1074 allows for a 13th check for retirees. Retirees wanted a cost of living adjustment (COLA), but only the 13th check was approved.   HB1075 (INPRS ASA CALCULATION and PRIVATIZATION) enacted the annuity discount rate of 7.5% through September 30, 2014.  Beginning October 1, 2014 through September 30, 2015, the rate will be 5.75%.  Beginning October 1, 2015 through December 31, 2016, the rate will be the greater of the interest rate for similar annuities being purchased in the private market as determined by INPRS or 4.5%.  Beginning January 1, 2017, INPRS will be permitted to outsource this work.    HB 1004 (PRE SCHOOL PILOT) does not include a voucher connection to pre-school programs.  SB (FIREARMS ON SCHOOL PROPERTY) authorizes a citizen who legally possesses a firearm to possess the firearm in a locked trunk, glove compartment of a locked car, or otherwise stored out of plain sight in the citizen’s locked car without the threat of having committed a felony.  No high school student may possess a gun unless the student is a member of a shooting sports team.  No former student that is no longer enrolled due to disciplinary action within the last 2 years may carry firearms on school property.  HB1319 (EDUCATION MATTERS) adds school counselors within the definition of teachers.  HB 1233 (BACKGROUND CHECK FOR TEACHERS) did not pass.  Every five years teachers would have been required to have a background check and pay for the criminal history check.  The legislative session lasted from 10:15-11:15 a.m.  Members re-introduced themselves and reconnected by sharing one new thing.


II.   Approval of minutes from last meeting


       The minutes from the September 21, 2013 were approved.                                                                               


III.   Approval of Agenda


        The agenda was approved with flexibility.


IV. Roll Call


     The following members were present:


     Tiffany Belcher                             1K

     Hollye Blossom                            1B

     Carol Carter                                  3B

     Ralph Fireoved                 1F

     Dushaun Goings               2A

     Lou Davis-Gordon           2J

     Virgil Griffin                                  1A

     Paul Jones                                     ISEA

     Hilda Kendrick,                             Chairperson, 3G

     Henry Lewis                                 2G

     Cheryl Lone                                  3F

     Valgenia McCray              3I

     Tequia McCullough-Barrett     3J

     Katherine Ostrozovich     1A    

     Jessica Ramirez                IE

     Mark Shop,                        ISTA Staff

     Cheryl Simmons               2F

     Karen Wright                    2C 


Not in attendance:


Judith Abram-Odigboh (Board of Directors meeting)

Wanda Akins, 4

Kandel Baxter, 1C

Deborah Garrett-Blackwell, 2D

Angie Kirkham, 3H

Edmonia Pringle, ISTA-R

Charan Richards, 1D

Carolyn Yates                                                          


V.  Committee Chair Report


      Hilda Kendrick, Cheryl Lone and Tequila McCullough-Barrett were able to attend the Minority Leadership and Leadership Summit in Las Vegas on January 14-16th, 2014.  Cheryl stated it was an excellent workshop. She found out about it in NEAToday. Tequila stated members need to apply to attend the conference.  Here is Hilda’s report:


         Minority Affairs Report from Training:  Minority Leadership and Leadership Summit

       The 2014 Minority Leadership Training Program provided innovative sessions to encourage ethnic-minority emergent leaders and experienced leaders to become stronger activists for the association, students and our community.  More knowledge was explored in creating change through social justice.  The NEA Vision stated “promoting a great public school for every student.”

       Professionalism was emphasized.  Leadership development sessions provided opportunities for participants to enhance communication skills, develop community partnerships, and to achieve “diversity competence.”  NEA’s Legacy of Inclusion was presented by Al-Tony Gilmore.

      NEA National Leadership Summit Program provided many opportunities to empower members to develop leadership skills, educational networking, improve student-centered learning opportunities, and renew desires to be advocates for our union.  The NEA Officers, Executive Committee, and Executive Director led the summit with creative 


Vision.  The association-led sessions provided instruction from foundational levels to   mobilizing and power leading to exemplary leadership techniques (agenda driven).  The sessions emphasized the Core Values:  Equal Opportunity, Just Society, Democracy, Professionalism, Partnership, and Collective Action.  The NEA Leadership Competencies Guide is an excellent booklet.

      The state Connect time was led professionally by our ISTA State President, Teresa Meredith.  We also had a fantastic chance to network at the ISTA event at Carmine’s.

     The stimulating conversation facilitated by MSNBC news anchor Richard Lui featured the NEA Officers and Executive Director.  The session provided questions about the accomplishments and challenges facing the association.  Dr. Richard Hurd of the Cornell Labor Institute provided insight in challenges in labor union leadership.  Dan Thurman energized the membership featuring engagement by entertaining members with his acrobatic techniques.  He promoted enhancing professional growth with positive changes.

      Keynote speaker Vernice “Fly-Girl” Armour encouraged members to be bold.  She encouraged engagement of our vision at the highest level in the association. 


VI. ISTA Board of Directors Liaison Report


     There was no report. Carolyn Yates, ISTA Board of Directors Liaison, may have attended the ISTA Board Meeting. She has retired from teaching, but still is on the ISTA Board.


VII.  Legislative Report

      Legislative Report was given in Item I. 


VIII.    ISEA Report


      Paul Jones, ISEA Representative,  discussed the Outreach to teach program.  Francis W. Parker, IPS Montessori School #56, located on the east side of Indianapolis, 2353 Columbia Ave., Indianapolis, IN  46205, was chosen for this year’s Outreach to Teach Project.  Volunteers and donations for Saturday, April 12, 2014 are being solicited.  ISE’s goal is to raise $10,000 for the various projects.

      He discussed Read Across America.  Dr. Glenda Ritz was a speaker at a conference.

Paul stated this meeting has been very educational for him.  He doesn’t believe many pre-service teachers understand current Legislative issues affect teachers and public education.  The information he received will be provided to ISEA members and may be a “big wake-up call.” 

     New tests will need to be passed before obtaining license.  There is a change in testing from Praxis II to a Pedagogy Test.

     Dushaun Goings commented on the changes happening in education and the political system is not being emphasized enough at the university level.  He stated providing information to pre-service teachers including their educational requirements in the area of government and testing requirements for licensure could really help minority educators and others in their future teaching careers.  


Lunch was catered at 12:00.  Committee Members worked on subcommittee reports during lunch.


 IX.  ISTA MAC Consultant Report     


      His report consisted of discussing ISTA Reorganization.  There will be more UNISERV Directors in the field (3 more are being hired).  ISTA is establishing a call center for members and potential members.  Members may call to discuss any questions or concerns.  There will be an increase access to ISTA leadership.  School quality position will be created.  The communications coordinator position is becoming a management-level position.

      Mark encouraged members to become involved in Election 2014.  There are 10 educators (so far) running for seats in the upcoming elections.  He also encouraged members to visit ISTA Blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts.



X.  Additional Reports


      Hilda Kendrick encouraged members to attend ISTA RA and NEA RA.

      Cheryl Lone encouraged others to attend the Women and Minorities Conference.  There are important issues that are presented regarding students and minorities.



XI .   Committee Reports 


      1.   Awards - Members:  TeQuia McCullough, Cheryl Simmons, Lourdes Davis-Gordon, Dushaun Goings, Ralph Fireoved, and Valgenia McCray.  The committee stated they received 3 applicants for scholarships.  The committee received 2 applicants for the Moore Scholarship.  The 3rd applicant’s transcript was missing.  There were only 2 applicants for the minority teacher.  Cheryl stated members need to nominate people in the room.  Maybe, older students could apply since many teachers are older and involved in their second career. Val stated we need to encourage students to apply.  Hilda stated we need to give students applications in churches or centers.


  1. a.       Each member should look at the requirements for scholarships to see if wording /requirements could be changed. (eligibility)
  2. b.     Get information about scholarships out to school’s via Social Media.
  3. c.      Contact local schools personally and tell about scholarships and recruit

possible candidates.


     2.  Communications – Members:  Chairperson Kate Ostrozovich, Henry Lewis, Cheryl Lone, Hollye Blossom, Carol Carter.

     Henry will send “Meet Your Member” which is finished to Mark.                          4.

     Cheryl requested minority information from ISTA.  She didn’t receive it due to privacy.  Also, she wanted what qualifies someone as being a minority.  The Minority Affairs Committee shall be a special Standing Committee composed of one (1) member elected from each District and ISTA-Retired, representative of the following ethnic minorities within the Association membership: Black Americans, American Indians/Alaskan Natives, Hispanics, Asians, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islanders; provided, however, that each ethnic minority category shall be guaranteed at least one (1) representative.  (ISTA Bylaws, Article IV, Section 6)

      Student MAC member seat filled; there will be no need to contact Brandon Curry, former ISEA Representative.

      Kate will send Cheryl questions about MLTP and Leadership Summit experiences.  Kate will provide information about South Dakota trip.  She will add her information.

Mark will appreciate anything sent before Spring RA.  He will get list of declared minorities sent to Hilda.   We would like to get those unfilled seats filled by getting names to Spring ISTA RA: Direct communication versus “Full Circle” which “Full Circle may be too late.  If they do not get nominated at ISTA RA, maybe President Teresa Meredith can appoint.


    3.  Monitoring Operations/Strategic Planning - Tiffany Belcher, Virgil Griffin, Paul Jones, Hilda Kendrick, Jessica Ramirez, and Karen Wright.   

      Pre-service teacher programs- Are they preparing minorities for license tests adequately?  Can we do more to encourage changes for the possible testing updates coming with the new legislation?  Diversity training for pre-service teachers and /or real world situations that teachers need addressed will be needed to help better prepare future teachers.  How can we encourage this training in higher education programs? 

      Continue to encourage minority participation in local, state, and national association business.

  1.  Support minorities who are running for positions.

      Encourage MAC members to find out if there are minority recruitment procedures or recruiters in their individual districts.


XII.  Comments    


      We want to thank Mark Shoup and Ralph Fireoved for their commitment to MAC.  Both are retiring!!!!


        The meeting was adjourned by Hilda Kendrick, Chairperson, at 2:11 p.m.


        The next meeting will be held possibly Saturday, September 20, 2014 at a later disclosed location, possibly Indianapolis Hilton Hotel Downtown. The date and location has not been finalized.


        Minutes respectfully submitted by:  Jessica Ramirez and Hilda Kendrick-Appiah