Member Protection Policy

ISTA's Member Protection Policy applies to all members who are injured, threatened, intimidated, harassed or defamed by a student, parent or other adult:


What happens if you are accused of abusing a child? You are entitled to a personal attorney -- immediately and free of charge -- if someone outside the school wants to question you. You will receive advice on your rights and obligations, what kinds of questions you might be asked, pitfalls and dangerous areas. The lawyer will represent you at an interview. Do not talk to Child Protective Services or law enforcement until you receive legal advice.


Member Protection Against Harassment


What can you do when you are . . .

  • Being harassed by difficult parents?
  • Intimidated by persons who threaten they will "get you fired?"
  • Defamed on a website or electronic bulletin board or Social Media?
  • Endangered by unsafe conditions at school or at your workplace?

Turn to ISTA's Member Protection Policy, another benefit of your Association membership. If a situation involving injury, threat, intimidation, harassment or defamation of a member is not resolved through a school board's policy regarding the treatment of school employees by students, parents and other persons, and if the UniServ Director has exhausted all available resources to resolve the problem, ISTA's Legal Coordinator is authorized to approve up to $2,000 of legal assistance for a member for legal representation. The legal representation may result in a restraining order being sought and/or in a recommendation for litigation.