N. Robert Montfort Communications Award

The purpose of the ISTA N. Robert Montfort Communications Award shall be to recognize outstanding communications efforts of members and local affiliates.


Newspapers, newsletters, editorials, legislative bulletins, political action committee newsletters, bulletins, total communications programs and innovative communications efforts are eligible for the award. All entries, with the exception of editorials, must include printed reference to the local's affiliation with the ISTA and NEA logo or must include the United Education Profession (local, state, and national), UEP logo.

All members and local affiliates are urged to nominate deserving affiliates for the Communications Awards to recognize local affiliate communications efforts. Only one entry per local association is permitted. Nominated entries are to be dated from March 1st of the previous year through the end of February, except for legislative bulletins of the previous year will be permitted.

Selection of Recipient
The ISTA Governance Committee and its Communications Subcommittee will review the entries and recommend recipients to the Board of Directors.

ISTA Communications Awards are presented at the ISTA Summer Conference.

All members and local affiliates must submit their nominations by March 1.


ISTA President or Diana Crum, dcrum@ista-in.org


Montfort Communications Award Application