Opportunity Grant


The Opportunity Project Grant is a competitive, multi-grant program committed to empowering local associations
through opportunities for members to enhance their skills in winning public support for public schools.
Mini-grants up to $500 will be awarded to local associations, local associations jointly, or District Councils to
initiate creative projects/programs that enhance public education’s image in our local communities.
As funding permits, projects/programs seeking renewal support may be considered.


Who may apply?

A local association, two or more local associations jointly, or a District Council may seek funding for a project.



All applications must be postmarked/submitted by November 30 and submitted/attached with all supportive materials.


What criteria will be used to award Opportunity Grants?

  • Is the program/project strongly linked to the community?
  • Is the local association(s) or District Council committed to the project/program?
  • Does the project/program promote/enhance public education?
  • Does the project program establish a foundation for an ongoing effort to support/enhance public education?


Grant proposals will be judged on the clarity of the project/program’s purpose, the commitment of the local
association(s) to the project/programs, and the benefits the project/program is expected to generate for public


The Issues & Concerns Communications Subcommittee will review the applications and submit recommendations
to the ISTA Board of Directors. The Committee will notify applicants of the disposition of the applications
by January 15.


Send to:

Indiana State Teachers Association
Issues and Concerns Committee Communications Subcommittee
150 W. Market Street, Suite 900
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2875

Opportunity Grant Form