Outstanding Treasurer Award


The Outstanding Local Treasurer Award was established to reward well-trained, hard-working local treasurers and to recognize them for their service and dedication to their profession and the association.


To qualify for an Outstanding Local Treasurer Award, local treasurers must comply with the criteria outlined in the nomination form which covers membership dues, financial records and training.

Nomination forms are sent to local association presidents in August of each year.


Nomination Form


Selection of Recipient
The ISTA State Treasurer selects nominees based on whether they have met all of the qualifications. All local treasurers who meet the criteria for the Award automatically receive the award when nominated.

Recipients are recognized in the fall and receive a certificate from the Association and a letter of congratulations from the ISTA State Treasurer.


Nominations are due October 1 of each year.



Callie Marksbary, cmarksbary@ista-in.org

Mail completed applications to:

Callie Marksbary, Outstanding Treasurer Award

Indiana State Teachers Association, 150 West Market Street, Suite 900

Indianapolis, IN 46204


Applications can also be sent to Callie electronically.