Pacesetter Award

The purpose of the Pacesetter Award is to recognize active members, local associations and District Councils or other committees established by and limited to active members of the Association that demonstrate outstanding examples of courage, commitment, innovation or dedication in advancing the status of public education in Indiana. Individual active members, affiliated local associations and District Councils of the Indiana State Teachers Association are eligible for the award(s). Any and all members are urged to make nominations for the Pacesetter Award. Do you know any colleagues who volunteer a major portion of time to promote public education, secure benefits, protect the rights of members? We have many pacesetters in Indiana. Please help your outstanding friends be recognized!


Pacesetter Award winners shall be individual active members of the United Education Profession, local associations affiliated with the National Education Association and all ISTA District or UniServ Councils or other committees established by and limited to ISTA members.

Nomination Requirements & Selection

  1. The Board of Directors of the Indiana State Teachers Association shall have sole authority over this award and shall determine the recipient(s).
  2. The recipient(s) shall be active member(s) of ISTA.
  3. The President of ISTA shall appoint a committee of active ISTA members to receive and screen nominations, establish deadlines and make recommendations to the ISTA Board of Directors for final determination.
  4. The Pacesetter Award may be awarded on an annual basis.
  5. To assure that the award will always be appropriate to honor the efforts of the recipient(s), the Pacesetter Committee shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the nature of the award.
  6. The Pacesetter Award winner(s) shall be featured in the ISTA Advocate and the ISTA web site. A news release shall be sent to the media in the area in which the recipient(s) reside(s).
  7. After the award has been presented, each nominee will receive a certificate of recognition. All nominations will be kept confidential until the award is presented.

Presentation of the Pacesetter Award shall remain confidential until announcement is made. Pacesetter Award winners receive an exclusive pin, a trophy and recognition in Association publications. The award winner will be recognized at the ISTA Summer Conference.

Nominations must be received by March 1 each year.



Sherri Purdue,

Nomination Form 
Complete your nomination form online or in print. Only one of these forms is required to successfully submit a nomination.