Pence perpetuates climat


November 13, 2013


INDIANAPOLIS -With an abrupt ending to today's meeting, Indiana educators saw the result of the governor-appointed members of the State Board of Education continuing to undermine the authority of Indiana's duly-elected State Superintendent Glenda Ritz.

"A year ago, voters elected Ritz to lead our state's educational programs," said Teresa Meredith, ISTA President. "Soon after bills were drafted undermining her authority. When those efforts failed, Gov. Mike Pence, ignoring 1.3 million voters and through an executive order the legality of which ISTA continues to question, created at taxpayers' expense a duplicate Department of Education - the Center for Education and Career Innovation."

Through these actions, Pence perpetuates the ugly climate and escalates the gridlock displayed today.

"Educators wouldn't tolerate such disrespectful behavior in their classrooms, and citizens shouldn't tolerate it from non-elected State Board members and the governor who appointed them," said Meredith.