PPS Minutes 3-15-14

March 15, 2014
ISTA Metro Office


10 a.m. Meeting called to order by acting chair Renee Albright, FWEA

10:05     John O’Neal of the ISTA Government Relations Department updated both the PPS and MAC Committees on legislative process. Information he shared:

  • He went over the time line to adopt state standards – college and career standards
  • Indiana is trying to be autonomous
  • Standards are to approved in April – new standards are a mix of Common Core and existing state standards
  • ISTA is going to push for new state assessment because ISTEP is not college and career compliant. Question is whether a core-links test will replace ISTEP
  • ISTA hopes the state will work with teachers through a process using learning communities
  • State Board adopted Social Studies standards – math and reading are still coming
  • REPA 3 update – adjunct provision in the bill which allows people with no pedagogy training to teacher in their content areas.
    • There is a good chance this could be removed from REPA 3.
    • 13th check for retired teachers HB 1074 Non-budget year to no cost of living adjustment.
    • INPRS attempt to privatize innuities – HB 1075 keeps INPRS from seeking private vendor. However, guaranteed rate goes from 7.5% down to 4.5% or 10-year treasury bond rate.
    • Pre-school voucher bill. Pre-K pilot with five different school districts – looking for federal funding. No voucher program attached to this bill.
    • HB 1001 – personal property tax cut – ISTA able to reduce the cute from $2 million to $250,000
    • HB 1319 – Christmas tree bill goes to summer study committee.
    • School counselors can become part of the bargaining unit – it defines what a school counselor is.
    • Pence’s teacher stipend amendment killed – goes to summer study committee.
    • SB 299 – Guns on school properties. This bill passed giving any adult with a permit to keep a gun locked in vehicle on school property.
      • SB 284 – bargaining
      • Dues deduction elimination
      • Background check at teacher expense
    • SB 1320 – Data collection agency – establishment of       

11:15 a.m.           PPS meeting resumed with introduction of committee members

11:50 a.m.           Minutes from September meeting amended for correction of names

                                Meeting agenda adopted with flexibility

                                No old business items.

                                New business:

  • PPS members to receive documentation about TRF/TRF employees
  • Members need clarification of TRF/TRF
  • NEIFPE – NE Indiana Friends of Public Education – Diane Ravitch pioneering, connecting groups of people that support public education
  • Friend NEIFPE on Facebook
  • PPS members requested attendance certificates for PGP – Mark Shoup will provide certificate to everyone in attendance

ISTA business:

  • New staffing proposal that adds 3 UniServ Director positions statewide, adds a School Quality position in Central Office, eliminates Communications Coordinator position replacing it with a communications position at the management level.
  • There are now at least 10 educators running for House seats. ISTA members need to get involved and support the candidates who support public education. They should be aware of how their legislators and candidates lean and vote.
  • Committee members suggested that ISTA grade legislators .
  • ISTA Blog and mobile app were commended as being excellent communication tools to and for members.
  • Concern was expressed about the closing of some UniServ offices.
  • ISTA is implementing a call-center concept to better serve members and potential members.


  • Lifetime membership dues are $591
  • ISTA-R conference dealt with membership benefits of ISTA-R which includes a $1 million liability policy
  • Look for ISTA-R and ISEA in district meetings and in PAC meetings.


Linda Case – 2J

  • Nettle Creek with ISTA support won a legal case defining what teachers hours are. Some superintendents are trying to extend daily teacher hours.
  • Administrators are sending email during off hours and expecting teachers to respond during off hours.


CJ Miller – 2K

  • Supreme Court struck down the rules dealing with change in hours. Suit filed about ACA against the IRS. Instructional assistants cut back because of insurance concerns.
  • Vagueness of observation of communicating with parents being used by administrators and the RISE evaluation.
  • What is the guideline to merge out of school time and time needed to do school business.
  • Question for Eric Hylton: How do we teach our staff members to be appropriate in the digital world that serves the educational needs of the school and of students.
  • Marla Glover asked about the appropriateness of districts requiring PD outside of the contract time.
  • What is the state’s definition of professional development?

No information about fall committee meeting.

1:15 p.m.             HOPES and DREAMS exercise to help committee to help members look toward the future. Where do we want our local and state association? What is the PPS committee to be about? What do we do?

                                QUESTIONS from Hopes and Dreams:

  • What do we want to know about licensure? PPS committee should be a conduit of information to members about professional issues – working with new SQ staff member.
  • ISTA needs to offer members information on important professional issues through a SQ blog – teachers are not getting information on professional issues from anyone – ISTA, IDOE, administrators
  • What does professional/professional look like?
  • Can we get clear number to issues?
  • How do we measure data?
  • Can we look at mentoring teachers by de-privatizing our practices?
  • Can we use admin. Logic against them because for teachers to increase their pay they need to decrease the number of teachers getting monies from the pot?
  • Can we use recognition to use a veteran or a new teacher to share their experiences with others to give their career credibility?
  • Can we provide teacher-led professional development by using blogs and other resources to show positive things that teachers/ISTA members have done?
  • How can we cultivate and save all the good things in public education?
  • Can we envision what our committee titles says – we are professional, we practice professionally, and we ensure that our work is seen professionally.
  • Can we come to a consensus on what professional practices have done and what they want to achieve?
  • What are the most pressing issues facing teachers?

2:15 p.m.             Committee broke into small cluster groups to generate ideas/responses:

Cluster groups came up with important ideas where they would like PPS, working with SQ staffer, to go. Summary:

  • COMMON THEME: PPS should be a resource to ISTA members – a GPS for teachers.
  • PPS should provide teachers a place to go to get resources to increase their value.
  • PPS should encourage teachers teaching teachers.
  • PPS should create a culture of professionalism among teachers.
  • PPS should work to create a PD Lending Library for ISTA members.

2:45 p.m.             Additional comments/suggestions before closing meeting:

  • PPS chair should invite Dr. Brenda Pike to attend the next committee meeting.
  • Add an additional face-to-face meeting and a possible video conference, too.



Pamela Moreland Haviland, 4A
Deb Porter, 1B
Raenell Smith, 2C
Melinda White, 1A
C.J. Miller, 2K
Amy Ambrose, 1M
Renee Albright, 1L
Elaine Bokhart, 1F
Fred Hicks, 1G
Linda Case, 2J
Brenda Weddell, 3F
Connie Dietrich, 3G
Michelle Early, 3A
Marla Glover, 2A
Michele Lefkovitz, 2E
Nina Coffin, ISTA-R
Pat Haehl, 3C
Rita Ryden, 2I


Marilyn Brady, 1C
Lynette Corn, 3I
Twyla Flint, 3G
Brian Irwin, 3H
Linda Lucy, 1D
Anne Neumann, 1K
Kim Patterson, 2F
Heidi Plunkett, 2B
Jeanna Salyer,
Deana Stickels, 3B
Abigail Taylor, 2D
Angela Taylor, 1E
Bianka Teeters,
Charles Turner, 3D
Lori Young, 3J

Notes respectfully submitted by Deb Porter and Fred Hicks