PPS Minutes 3-16-13

Professional Practices and Standards Committee


March 16, 2013

ISTA Indianapolis Metro Office


 Tough times don’t last forever; it is what we do with this time that will make a difference.


1.       Call to Order.

Duska Landry called the meeting to order at 10:03 A.M. (EST) on Saturday, March 16, 2013.


  1. 2.       Reconnections and Candidate Speeches/Information.

                                Keith Gambill:  Running for ISTA Vice-President.

                                Kathy Parks:  Running for ISTA President. 

Teresa Meredith:  Running for ISTA President.  Teresa’s information was handed out Lori Young since Teresa is attending the ISTA Board Meeting.

Callie Marskbury:  Running for ISTA Vice-President.  Steve Tafflinger handed out information for Callie as she is attending the board meeting.



  1. 3.       Adoption of Agenda with Flexibility.

Angie Taylor moved that we adopt the agenda with flexibility.  Brenda Weddell seconded the motion.


  1. 4.       Minutes from Last Meeting. 

Tony Nalley moved that adopt the September 2012 minutes.  Michelle Lefkowitz seconded the motion.

  1. 5.       Subcommittee Work and Reports.  (Subcommittee work will be completed during a working lunch.)
  1. Disbursement. Due to how funding has changed, this committee is disbanded.  A new committee is now needed however, we will need a new committee (Evaluation/DOE Policy)
  1. Evaluation/DOE Policy/Education Policy.  Researching and working with Mark Shoup about education policy and teacher evaluation.
  1. Hoosier Educator.  This charge will remain the same.
  1. Scholarship.  This committee will remain the same 
  1. Special Education. Talk with local districts about local special education issues.  What are the issues?  Should there be educational policy for the legislation?
  1. Professional Learning.  John O’Neil will be the contact.  Research online professional development training.  Is it the NEA academy?  What is out there for online development?  There is no money for professional development for training.



  1. 6.        Old Business
    1. a.       Great School Survey.  Although the PPS committee review the Great School Survey at the September meeting, the survey was not sent out.


  1. b.      RISE.  There have been several school systems that have used the RISE document and a modified version of the RISE document.  Several PPS members pointed out that it was extremely difficult for administration to make all the required observations.


  1. c.       Remembrance.  Mrs. Holly Kirkpatrick did pass and she will be truly missed.


  1. 7.       New Business
    1. a.       Legislative Update by Mark Shoup
      1. 1.        Cost of Living.  Mark Shoup shared with us that we should share with our DISCO what is happening in the state legislation.  Mark pointed out we have not had a cost of living increase for years as we are a 13 check state.  Nina Coffin agreed with Mark.



  1. 2.       2nd Half Legislative Issues Informational Form.  Gail Zeharis put together the 2nd Half Legislative Issues Informational Form.  Mark pointed out that this bill does not appear to include firefighters and police officers; it just includes teachers. 


  1. 3.       Voucher Bill.  As of March 16, 2013, the current voucher bill has not been settled. (Mark reminded us that three out the five Indiana Supreme Court judges were appointed by the formal Governor Mitch Daniels.)  This bill is to include a huge expansion of the voucher program; there would be no restrictions.  Not only is this a constitutional issue it is a huge financial issue.  Even the House is worried about the cost of expanded the voucher program.  Indiana’s voucher program is the LARGEST most expensive program in the U.S.


  1. 4.       The A-F Bill.  This grading scale is not fair to public education, but it must be noted that the A-F Bill is still in legislative talks.


  1. 5.       Pen a Note.  Mark shared with us that we could “Pen a Note” to our state legislators and governor.  Mark did share that Mike Pence has a very different personality than Mitch Daniels.


  1. 6.       Lobbying Day.   The next lobbying date is Tuesday, March 19. 


  1. 7.       Nancy Papas’s Retirement.  Mrs. Papas is retiring after many years of service to ISTA. If you would like to write her a note, please do so.


  1. 8.       Keep the Promise Indiana.Org.  This website is the teacher’s legislative website.  It gives you up-to-date information on what is happening in the legislation as it happens. 


  1. 9.       Q and A Regarding Mrs. Karen Pence.  Linda Case asked if Mike Pence’s wife, Karen, taught in public school as referenced on Pence’s campaign television advertisement.  Mark shared that she only taught in public school many, many years ago.   Karen’s last teaching year was 25-years-ago.  Suzie Tyler asked Mark what is Karen’s position in Indiana’s government.  Karen has an office down the hall from Mike, but Mark is not sure what Karen’s actual title/job description is.


  1. 10.    Bill 345.  Pam Moreland asked about Bill 345, which is a School Safety (Restraint Bill). 


  1. 11.   ISTA Mobile App.  The ISTA Mobile App is a real-time mobile app that keeps you up to date on what ISTA is doing for you. As stated on the ISTA app site, members can “Receive important information . . . get real-time action alerts . . . discover Member Benefit offers . . . learn about ISTA events . . . link to social media and access the ISTA websites.”


  1. 12.    Putting Adults in Charge.  Mark highlighted how Glenda Ritz has actually put adults back in charge.  He reiterated that Glenda will actually sit down and talk with you.  (WOW!)



  1. b.      State Board of Education Update. Mark Shoup shared with the PPS Committee Glenda Ritz’s webinar on staff performance evaluation.  This 10-minute webinar would be of interest to teachers and administrators. This webinar can be viewed at Staff Performance Evaluation (2013: Webinar).  Following the viewing of this video, Jodi McClure asked Mark for clarification, "Was Glenda Ritz a supporter of RISE?”  Mark shared with Jodi that Glenda Ritz was on a committee to work on the RISE document; however, she was not a supporter of Tony Bennett’s Rise Model.  It is important to note that other Indiana educators were part of the Bennett Rise Model.


c. Board of Directors Report.  This report is being made by Steve Tafflinger as    Terry Tafflinger is still at the Board of Directors meeting.


  1. DISCO Constitutions.  On Friday, March 15, the Board of Directors were in executive session. Terry Tafflinger would like us to remind our locals to get in their constitutions.  This document should be in place.   Constitutions must be sent in every five years for approval.  If you do not know if your constitution is current or not, please contact Brenda Reed.  She will be able to help you with documentation process.
  1. ISTA RA Delegates. If your local has not sent in your local RA delegates, please do so ASAP.  Nina Coffin shared how upsetting it is that state Representative Assembly is not well attended.  Angie Taylor asked why the RA attendance has dropped.  Michelle Lefkowitz suggested that teachers are just exhausted.  Steve Tafflinger and Nina Coffin shared the atmosphere of past RA’s and how members filled the seats.  Lori Young shared that 3J is bringing all slotted candidates.  Lynnette Cor shared that DISCO’s need to really push filling their RA slots.  Furthermore, Lynette suggested there should be something “fun” to do the night before.  Kathy Parks added that when we ask people to come, we must give people something to do -something to believe in. 
  1. ISTA NEA Delegates.  Nina Coffin discussed cluster delegate representation and reminded us that if there are not enough local delegates in your local association, you may be able to “join” a cluster near your local.  Nina Coffin wants us to have as many delegates as possible at the RA.  Marla Glover shared that her cluster did this in order to send people to RA’s.  Steve Tafflinger reiterated that you can get $1150 for attending the NEA RA as a state delegate.
  1. d.      ISTA Update
    1. Mark Shoup shared that at DISCO meetings we can invite ISTA’s Legislative Lobby Team to speak.  This team can come to your local association meeting to discuss and share information about what is happening in the state legislation.  The state legislation team includes Roni Embry, John O’Neil, and Gail Zeharis.
  1. We must work on our legislators; it is time to be political.  We, as teachers, must share with our legislators what is happening.  We can and do make a difference. 
  1. What is the PPS’s next focus?  Working with our legislators and talking with people.  We, as teachers and proud union members, can and do make a difference.  Mark Shoup is going to upload all the information on the ISTA Website for the PPS committee.  This site will contain all the information we will need for our committee.
  1. What is ISTA’s next major focus?  ISTA’s focus is continue working with our legislators to make a positive impact for education.  Additionally, ISTA is working on the Easy Pay Program and transitioning teachers to use this system.
  1. e.      ISEA Update

Stephanie Schindler shared with us there has been a change in leadership.    Grace Hayes is the President of the Student Organization.  Stephanie also shared with us the Outreach to Teach Program is on Saturday, April 13. 2013.  The school is in Evansville at Tekoppel Elementary School.


Pamela Moreland shared how helpful ISEA is in helping ISTA members.


  1. f.        Retired Members Update.  Although Nina Coffin was unable to attend the last retired members meeting, she did have information to share with the PPS committee.  Nina shared that the Retired Members would look to increase its membership.  If you are retired, the cost is $596 for lifetime membership with $1 going to IFIE. If you are currently teaching, the cost of membership is $595.00.  Currently, retired membership cost can be paid over 12 months.  It would be easy to set up payment through EasyPay. Steve Tafflinger shared that Sara Borgman is running for NEA Retired.  Lynnette Cor asked Nina what would be the benefits of joining this group?  Nina responded that benefits include auto insurance, Medicare supplemental insurance, lobbying, continual support of ISTA, and additional programs.  Brenda Weddell asked how many retired chapters do we have in Indiana and where can we find this information.  Nina responded that this information along with additional information on why members should join Indiana Retired Teachers can be found on the Indiana Retired Teachers Association website. 

Reasons to consider membership with the Indiana Retired Teachers Association (from IRTA website)

  • We offer benefits with many savings to our members so that their pension dollars can go further.
  • ·Through our foundation, the Indiana Retired Teachers Association gives thousands of dollars in scholarships each year to juniors or seniors in college who are planning to go into education.
  • Our retired teachers volunteer over one million hours for their communities and the state each year, saving the state over twenty million dollars each year in work done for free by the retired teachers.
  • We have been recognized several times on the national level for the various volunteer activities that our members and our local chapters do.
  • We are a non-partisan association that does not endorse candidates or have a political action committee. We are respected for this non-partisan approach.
  • We are dedicated to our membership in helping them have a better retirement.




















  1. 8.       Fall Meeting Information. The PPS committee will meet September 21, 2013 at the Sheridan at Keystone Crossing. 
  1. 9.       Adjournment.  Duska Landry adjourned the meeting at 1:10 p.m. (EST) on Saturday, March 16, 2013.

Members in Attendance:

Linda Case, DCCTA 2-J

Suzie Tyler, 1G

Lori Young, 3G

Lynette Cor, SWIC

Brenda Smith, WCTA-3E

Stephanie Schindler, ISEA

Pamela Mooreland, 4G

Duska Landry, 2G ISTA

Priscilla Donkle, 1C ISTA

Angie Taylor, 1E

Marla Glover, 2A

Brenda Weddell, 3F – Medora CTA

Elaine BoKhart, 1F

Tony Nalley, 3H

Michelle Lefkovitz, 2M

Nina Coffin, Retired

Steve Tafflinger, APTED

Steve Tenebaugh, SKCTA

Karen Hayes, BCEA

Jodi McClure, WCEA