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Sarah Borgman

ISTA-Retired Chair




From the Chair:


Some exciting things are happening with ISTA-Retired!  We anticipate receiving two grants from NEA Retired related to "Communicating for Growth" and a second one for "Continuing Membership Growth". Did you know ISTA-Retired received an award from NEA for runner up on the greatest percentage of membership growth? This is a direct result of last year's grant so naturally we're excited to think this additional grant might lead in the same direction. We can always improve on communications so the other grant will direct us to try even harder.  

If you would like to see some specific information or article in the CHALKBOARD, please let us know. There is always room for improvement, but we do try to keep you informed on interesting and pertinent information in each issue. Be sure you check out the calendar of events and find a chapter nearest you to attend. I believe we have some of the best programs with a variety of interests for all.


Now that school has started, I encourage you to find a spot to volunteer in our schools. Our teachers could certainly use a helping hand! You know what to do: create a bulletin board, wash off the desks, tutor or read to and with a child, provide snacks for a classroom OR for the teacher's lounge. Remember what you wanted in the way of assistance?  It never changes.


As always, let me know if you have questions or concerns.  

Sarah Borgman,

ISTA Retired Chair


ISTA-Retired, the association for retired educators, retired education personnel and active/retired members of the Indiana State Teachers Association, makes it possible for ALL educational employees to preserve and improve retirement, pension, COLA, and health benefits and to impact public education in Indiana and in the nation.

ISTA-Retired is an affiliate of the NEA-Retired. Membership in ISTA-Retired is also membership in NEA-Retired. As an ISTA-Retired/NEA-Retired member, you maintain your influence and a strong relationship with ISTA/NEA political voices.

Membership in ISTA Retired helps Hoosier educators maintain their influence and strong relationship with ISTA/NEA political voices.

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For additional information on ISTA Retired Membership, contact Craig Blume, ISTA Staff Coordinator, 1-800-382-4037 Ext. 3305