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Sarah Borgman

ISTA-Retired Chair




From the Chair:


"Nothing is impossible until it's done," to quote a neighboring state president. This is both good and bad. Sometimes the impossible is a real plus and we are pleasantly surprised. What we thought we could not accomplish, we did. BUT sometimes what we thought just never could come to be, does and we are so disappointed. As we look down to the finish line of the current legislative session at the end of April, we must continue to work toward accomplishing the impossible---an equitable COLA. Right now it is not in any way fair nor does it show respect toward those of us who have invested a lifetime of service. Therefore, please continue to call, send e-mails and letters, attend 3rd House meeting, lobby face to face, and as Duke Ellington said, "There are two rules in reaching a goal:  Rule #1 Never quit; Rule #2, See # 1." Let's finish the race for all of our members!


Sarah Borgman,

ISTA Retired Chair



ISTA-Retired, the association for retired educators, retired education personnel and active/retired members of the Indiana State Teachers Association, makes it possible for ALL educational employees to preserve and improve retirement, pension, COLA, and health benefits and to impact public education in Indiana and in the nation.

ISTA-Retired is an affiliate of the NEA-Retired. Membership in ISTA-Retired is also membership in NEA-Retired. As an ISTA-Retired/NEA-Retired member, you maintain your influence and a strong relationship with ISTA/NEA political voices.

Membership in ISTA Retired helps Hoosier educators maintain their influence and strong relationship with ISTA/NEA political voices.

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