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Sarah Borgman

ISTA-Retired Chair




From the Chair:

Some of us thought spring would never come and some days when we get a cold rain, we are still wondering, but with spring always comes the promise of new things, new ideas, and new hope. I feel the same way for our Association and ISTARetired in particular. We had sufficient membership gains this year to give us another seat at the ISTA RA and one more at the NEA RA. It's been a matter of everyone being involved, but the Membership Committee chaired by Kathy Sharp deserves the spotlight. She has helped us develop a thorough plan with details, activities, and specific steps to help us continue to move forward---kudos to Kathy! Some retired members will be involved in the ISTA Summer Conference in June, particularly on training for political action. However, it will take all of us working for education friendly candidates regardless of their or our political party when we go to the ballot box this November. What are YOU willing to do? We cannot expect things to happen without our being involved.

Others will be headed to Washington, D.C., at the end of June and into July for the NEA-Retired Annual Meeting as well as the NEA Representative Assembly. Each group will be dealing with by-laws and new business items to move the agenda of the association forward. Look for further news of these events and their activities. When we taught or when we were worked in another education position in school, we must admit that we looked forward to summer vacation just like all the students! For me that has never changed. A good book, the lawn chair, some warm sunshine, a cool drink...what could be better? Time for us all to unwind and relax!


As always, let me know if you have questions or concerns.  

Sarah Borgman,

ISTA Retired Chair


ISTA-Retired, the association for retired educators, retired education personnel and active/retired members of the Indiana State Teachers Association, makes it possible for ALL educational employees to preserve and improve retirement, pension, COLA, and health benefits and to impact public education in Indiana and in the nation.

ISTA-Retired is an affiliate of the NEA-Retired. Membership in ISTA-Retired is also membership in NEA-Retired. As an ISTA-Retired/NEA-Retired member, you maintain your influence and a strong relationship with ISTA/NEA political voices.

Membership in ISTA Retired helps Hoosier educators maintain their influence and strong relationship with ISTA/NEA political voices.

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For additional information on ISTA Retired Membership, contact Craig Blume, ISTA Staff Coordinator, 1-800-382-4037 Ext. 3305