Sarah Borgman

ISTA-Retired Chair




From the Chair:


The poet wrote, "North winds doth blow and we shall have snow."  Well, the legislature is in session and talk about BLOW!!!  Bet you could all write a poem about this situation.  However, we need to be reminded, as we told our students, "be nice", and move on to hardline lobbying.  This is a short session so what we can do we need to do NOW!  Next lobbying days are February 18 and March 4; the first listed is our statewide retired lobbying day.  Briefings are held on the second floor of the ISTA Center starting at 10:00.  Please pack a car and get an appointment with your legislators following the briefing.  Emails and phone calls can also be effective.


Self-declaration forms have been received for several ISTA-Retired positions.  Please take part and vote when you receive ballots in the mail.


Stay warm and safe.  Enjoy all that free time we retired are accused of having (yeah, right!) and please keep up your advocacy for kids and public education!


Sarah Borgman,

ISTA Retired Chair



ISTA-Retired, the association for retired educators, retired education personnel and active/retired members of the Indiana State Teachers Association, makes it possible for ALL educational employees to preserve and improve retirement, pension, COLA, and health benefits and to impact public education in Indiana and in the nation.

ISTA-Retired is an affiliate of the NEA-Retired. Membership in ISTA-Retired is also membership in NEA-Retired. As an ISTA-Retired/NEA-Retired member, you maintain your influence and a strong relationship with ISTA/NEA political voices.

Membership in ISTA Retired helps Hoosier educators maintain their influence and strong relationship with ISTA/NEA political voices.

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For additional information on ISTA Retired Membership, contact Craig Blume, ISTA Staff Coordinator, 1-800-382-4037 Ext. 3305