Thinking of Retirement...

Greetings from ISTA-RETIRED – the ONLY retired group affiliated with ISTA!


Thinking of retirement?


ISTA-Retired is contacting active ISTA members who are contemplating retirement.  We want to make sure that all active members know the advantages of joining ISTA-Retired before actual retirement.   


Why join ISTA-Retired?


  • ISTA-Retired is the ONLY retired group affiliated with ISTA!  ONLY ISTA-Retired has the wide range of resources supported by the organization that has stood with you during your education career!     
  • ISTA-Retired offers many services to members.  Here are just a few:  Liability Insurance for substitute teaching; Home and Auto Insurance; Long-Term Care Insurance; Medicare Supplement Insurance; discount programs on appliances, cars, restaurants; attorney referral services. 
  • ISTA-Retired membership is open to all active and retired education employees.
  • ISTA-Retired has 26 chapters around the state and is working to affiliate even more, so there is a chapter near you!
  • ISTA-Retired offers many training seminars to meet your needs.
  • ISTA-Retired sets itself apart from other retired groups by continuing to lobby for students; and for issues impacting retired educators.  The same energetic and skilled ISTA lobbying team that you have relied on throughout your career is with you when you join ISTA-Retired! They continually track educational issues important to retired members, such as securing a COLA.


What if I choose to continue in an Association leadership position?


That would be great and many opportunities abound.  ISTA-Retired has representation on the ISTA Board of Directors, ISTA committees, representative assemblies (state AND national) plus each ISTA-Retired chapter elects its own local officers.  All this gives retired members an avenue to continue relationships with colleagues. 


I pay dues to be an active member.  What are the dues for ISTA-Retired?


ISTA-Retired membership dues are currently $65 annually or $590 for a life-time membership.  Arrangements can be made to pay the $65 annual or the $590 life-time dues over a twelve month period.  (Locking in membership at $590 “protects” you from any dues increases in the future!) Continuous annual membership is available.

Retired Membership Application


Do not be confused about which association is the ISTA-Retired!


Other retired groups may have already contacted you about joining their organizations.  We are the only retired group affiliated with ISTA!  You joined ISTA because it is the premier group to represent you while you are working, and it is the still the premier retired organization in Indiana---ISTA-Retired.




Contact Becky Koerner at or Sarah Borgman, Retired Chair at, or your own UniServ Director.   You can also go to, click on the Members tab, and look for ISTA-Retired.)  Together we can still make a difference!


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ISTA-RETIRED – the ONLY retired group affiliated with ISTA