Tips for ParaEducators

Tips for ParaEducators

As a ParaEducator, you play an important role in the care and education of students. You have a special commitment to students. You possess distinct skills that are vital to quality schools and are an essential part of the school community.

Respect and communication are the key ingredients for an effective classroom team. Create a healthy open relationship with your co-workers and supervisor by getting to know each other’s background, experience, special interests and strengths and weaknesses. Be an active listener and promote good communication by showing interest and encouraging the speaker, asking clarifying questions, restating the basic facts and ideas that you’ve heard, and summing up and pulling together important conversations.

Whenever possible, try to be involved in planning weekly schedules and daily activities. Express yourself clearly, ask questions when you need to, and address problems in a non-confrontational way as soon as possible.

The following is a list of other important things that often apply to ParaEducators’ jobs. Learn which ones are part of your job responsibilities, contact your Association Rep or your UniServ Director for clarification.

Confidentiality laws and regulations

Discipline forms

Faculty/staff meetings

CPR and First Aid training

Student records

Duty assignments

Compensatory time vs. overtime

Parent conferences


IEP conferences

Special Olympics


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