Tips for Secretarial & Clerical Professionals

Tips for Secretarial & Clerical Professionals

Things to know right from the start:

· Dress codes

· Duty times

· Bus schedule information

· Lunch cost and times for students

· When and where you can make private phone calls

· School calendar

· Tour the school or works site with a map

· Where to park and not to park

Other important things to know how to do:

· Answer phone promptly and properly

· How to call for substitutes

· Clinic procedures

· Paycheck distribution procedures

· Intercom/ PA system

· Make copies and minor copy machine repairs

· Where to put the interdepartmental mail

· Where to put US mail for pick-up

· Distribution process for incoming mail

· Student registration process, if school based

· Overtime policy – what to do if children are left at school

· Policy and procedure for student discipline referrals

· How to handle student withdrawals

· Procedure for welcoming visitors

Learn which of the above are part of your job responsibility. If you have questions, ask your Association Rep or your ISTA UniServ Director.

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