December 12, 2013


Tony Bennett seems to always be landing back on his feet after being turned away for his extreme “school reform” agenda and ethics problems. The arms that seem to be catching him are his corporate school reform friends.


It has been quite a year for Indiana’s own Tony Bennett. After being soundly defeated by public schools advocate Glenda Ritz in late 2012, Bennett was promptly scooped up by his “school reform” pals in Florida. It was in January that he was appointed Commissioner of the Florida Department of Education.


However, Bennett’s tenure in Florida would be cut short after it was revealed that during his term as Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction he altered the state’s A-F score of an Indianapolis charter school that was run by one of his biggest political donors. Bennett resigned in disgrace after just 7 months in office.


Bennett, who is now back in Indiana working as a consultant to various “reform” groups, has now been hired by ACT, Inc. as a consultant and lobbyist. ACT is known for its college assessment test, the ACT. However, ACT, Inc. and Bennett say that he is helping their company develop their latest testing product, ACT Aspire--ACT Inc.'s project on common core testing. 


This latest stop on Tony Bennett’s career path is just more proof of his real commitment to helping himself and corporations profit from our nation’s public schools.