December 20, 2013


The Indiana State Board of Education met today and approved school grades for 2013. The school grade data revealed results that any public school supporter could have foreseen. Traditional public school simply do a better job of educating our state’s children.


Despite a flawed grading system that is championed by “school reformers," traditional public schools continue to outperform charter schools. Nearly 800 traditional public schools received a grade of A. More than two-thirds received an A or a B. Just 14% of traditional public schools received a D or F. This pales in comparison to the more than half (51%) of charter schools which received a grade of D or F.


Non-public, or private schools, continue to do worse under the grading system created by school voucher and “choice” proponent Tony Bennett. As Kyle Stokes from NPR’s StateImpact points out:


…more than 100 private schools’ ratings have fallen at least one letter grade while only 18 have increased. (t)he number of private schools earning C’s has also increased six-fold since 2011.